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So here I join the pretentious ranks of bloggers, believing my perspective to be one others would be interested in. Well, let’s just hope others believe this to be true. I made Letters From Limbo available on the 19th and have the greatest hopes that my creation, this labor of love that took me 5 years to complete, will affect others in a positive way. It has been said that one idea can change the world. When we consider the fact that we are all connected, that we all define our worlds in large part according to our interactions, the idea that an idea can change the world would seem indisputable. Then again, perhaps my goal isn’t to change the world, but simply as Robert Norton’s character in Death to Smoochy said, to “make a dent”. Life is too short for our differences to divide us. The idea that life is short has held new meaning for me since I had a cancerous tumor removed from my brain in 2004. I’ve been told cancer has had a tendency to reoccur in cancer patients. This knowledge has caused me to attempt to live every day as if it were my last. Still, the debt this world casts upon us is apparent. I will go to work today because I have learned that no work means no money means no food means…

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