U: Are you a Democrat or Republican?
I: No.
U: It’s OK if you’re a Democrat.
I: I’m neither. I don’t like labels like Democrat or Republican. Saying I am one applies the ideas associated with the perspective to myself. I have my own Ideas.
U: You have to lean one way or the other. Are you Christian?
I: No.
U: You’re Athiest then?
I: No. I’m not anything.
U: Do you believe in God?
I: Yes.
U: What God?
I: What do you mean?
U: Do you believe in the Christian God or the Muslim God or another God?
I: No.
U: You’re Agnostic then.
I: I’m not Agnostic.
U: Then what are you?
I: Sigh… I’m a Dracamup.
U: I’ve never heard of that.
I: I’m a Democratic-Republican-Athiest-Christian-Agnostic-Muslim with Unique ideas and a Perspective that has no label.
U: It sounds like you’re confused.
I: Sigh…