Hate Breeds Hate

Hate breeds hate. I watch videos of protesters from a church I will not name for fear of providing more attention to their cause. They aim to inspire anger in people. Expressed anger only proves to work as evidence to these people they are doing right by their creator. As one who dabbled in martyr-like behaviors as a child, I understand how suffering may be rewarding to someone who feels their suffering is the result of his or her service to the higher cause. A martyr may see any pain experienced as affirmation that his or her efforts are valid. When we speak of people who suffer in the name of God, this pain is almost always said to be rewarded by God. Furthermore, a disconnect from any words or social stigma in the setting of these picket lines is easy to establish, as a picketer can dismiss opposing perspectives as incorrect and, in the case of the perspective held by the church, evil. When a simple map of evil and righteous is laid out in black and white and God’s wrath is said to be the penalty for anyone who deviates from the righteous path, it may be very difficult for one, especially a child, to choose deviation. I would love to meet some of these people and tell them I disagree, but love them anyway. If permitted, I would hug each member and feel empathy and pain for them. I know how much hate hurts. I don’t believe we were made to feel hate. Let’s take our lead from the generation that preached love. As hippies placed flowers in the barrels of riffles, I suggest we aim love at hate.

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