I Choose Love

To open oneself to love, one must open him or herself to a variety of emotions. In choosing to love you, I choose to enable you to cause me pain. It will always be up to me how I react to the pain. I can dwell in it or dismiss it through analyzation. Still, it is this vulnerability that makes love so special. It is said a crazy person is one who repeats the same action expecting a different result. Love has led to large amounts of hurt. So, logically, if I expect not to experience hurt as a result of love, I am crazy. To quote Michael Scott quoting Billy Joel, “You may be right. I may be crazy”. Still, I choose to attempt to have love for everyone I meet, with the understanding that the potential for hurt is worth the feeling of love. My love for others enables me to love myself and vice versa. My empathy for you makes me you. I cannot do to you without doing to myself. I cannot witness you in pain without feeling pain myself. I could ignore this connection in an effort at self-preservation, but I choose to see that we are all connected. I choose love.