My 2 Weeks to Facebook

The road to loss of personal freedom will be littered with apathy. It is easy to turn a blind eye to a problem when the potential consequence is not as immediate as the consequences presented by struggles we face in daily life. We are the products of a system that distracts us from reality. It is favorable to get lost in an episode of whatever as means of taking a break from a personal reality. But it is only when we shut down the distraction that we can truly focus on the issues that affect our lives. I have, for years now, attempted to spread a message of love. Media would have us believe there is reason to fear each other. As we live in a society that appreciates violence over peace, a sensationalized representation of the world is monetarily beneficial to those in a position to report on it. We lock our doors to keep others out, to keep what belongs to us. All the while, love could save us from all of this. I cannot continue to support a system that is motivated by fear, a system that will strip us of our freedoms and trade us as a commodity. When we learn to love each other, there will be no need for organizations like the NSA to monitor our online activities, there will be no need for manipulative marketing practices. I currently have nothing to hide, but foresee a day when such a perspective will be reason for investigation. Free thought causes problems within a society that celebrates conformity. We are all brothers and sisters! It is time we start acting like it. I intend to leave the link to this blog post live on FB until the 18th. Unless someone can give me a real reason not to delete my account, I will do so on the 18th. I’m giving FB my 2 weeks notice. Please know that I love you all (especially you who is currently thinking, “That’s not meant for me.”). Please subscribe to this blog or shoot me an email if you’d like to keep in touch – I don’t suspect deleting my FB account will fix this problem, but it is a start, it is a divergence from apathy.

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