All You Need is Love

The famous lyric from the Beatles song tends to inspire skepticism. In truth, if one were to attempt to survive only on love, he/she would likely wither away and die fairly quickly. The need for sustenance is the reason most of us work. It would seem fairly uncommon for a person to truly enjoy his or her professional duties all of the time. But we make the trade of discomfort now for comfort later. Much of human life involves a great balancing act, a trading of pain for pleasure, of discomfort for comfort. Would you continue in your professional role if you had the means to do whatever you want wherever you want? Most would answer “No” to that question. But we make the sacrifice of time in order to gain piece of mind. Our 40, or 50, or 60 hours a week ensure we will not be hungry in the immediate future. They ensure we have a roof over our heads and comfortable clothing. They ensure we have hot water and electricity. Surely many of us would not devote such time if these necessities of modern living were provided without cost. Then again, there is always the competition in which we engage with each other to keep us trading our time. Newer, nicer things provide validation. They inform others that we are valuable because we are capable of earning the money to purchase said things. This value system is rooted deeply within the heart of our social structure. And sadly, it would seem to be motivated by fear. The drive to survive is a very basic instinct. It is a valuable one as well. Without food, we cannot survive. The more money we possess, the more padding we put between ourselves and discomfort. This padding comforts us. It creates peace of mind. But the creation of this padding is motivated by fear. Imagine a world in which we did not trade pain for pleasure, discomfort for comfort. Imagine a world in which the necessities of sustained life were given freely out of love. In a world in which people are motivated by love instead of fear, there would be no hoarding, no fear of others, no reason to compete. In such a world, what is mine would be ours and what is yours would be ours. Surely such a world would be preferable to ours.

The question is “How do we get there?”. We currently live in a state of competition, motivated by fear. We lock our doors at night to keep our belongings and our bodies safe. One person choosing to live a life of love puts him/herself in danger. When one is forced into a competition and refuses to compete, he or she is dominated by those who willingly compete. If I were to give all I have with love, I would soon be left without the means to survive. So the Beatles were wrong, if all an individual has is love, he/she will die. Correctly stated, all we need is love. A world founded on and motivated by love provides for all. A world motivated by love sees individuals working for the benefit of the human family. A world motivated by love sees no more hunger, no more poverty, no more manipulation as means of personal gain.

This is a call to action for anyone listening: Stop living in fear. Make the world described above a reality. Engage in love at every opportunity. Live a life of practive love.