Love Can Save Us

You have two children, a boy and a girl. You created them both out of love and constantly show them love. Barely old enough to reason, they begin fighting over the communal perspective of your favor. They constantly debate: Boy: “Mommy/Daddy/Parent Figure loves me more!” Girl: “No! Mommy/Daddy/Parent Figure loves ME more!” Soon the debates turn physical. You are constantly pulling one off the other. Exhausted, you attempt to figure out where you went wrong. You feel you’ve done plenty for them. They have a nice house. They would have plenty to eat if they didn’t steal from each other. The one would seem to becoming rather obese as a result of his/her constant stealing of the other’s food. Most importantly, they both know you love both of them very much.


You create a world, a reality. And in this reality you create a group of beings. You give authority over all other creations to the beings you call “human”. You love these “humans” very much. But they constantly fight over the communal perspective of your favor. Christian: “God/Creator/Universe loves us more.” Muslim: “No, God/Creator/ Universe loves us more!” But more than this these “humans” define themselves according to the ideas of you to which they adhere – willing to die for their shared beliefs, willing to kill for them. They form social support groups and provide resources only to those who share their perspectives, leaving others without. And they somehow would seem to believe you love each of them all the while they destroy each other.


Would your idea of the higher power/powers want you to fight with your brothers and sisters/other humans over your idea of him/her/it? I believe we are coming to a place where our various interpretations of our reality can be set aside in an effort for peace and empathy. It is up to us. Do we want to be motivated by fear or love? Fear will divide us, causing us to fight with each other over beliefs and resources. Love will cause us to unite over our common perspectives and share resources, leaving no one to go without.


So – fear or love?

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