Logic Vs Blind Faith

U: Homosexuality is a sin.

I: Is it your place to pass judgement on a person for being homosexual?

U: No. But it’s still a sin.

I: Are you saying it’s wrong?

U: God says it’s wrong. The Bible says it’s wrong.

I: The Christian Bible has been translated many times. There is evidence to support the idea that  “Homosexual” was not the original intent of the word in the Christian bible.

U: The Bible is flawless. God wouldn’t let the Bible say something He didn’t want it to say.

I: So God is going to punish these people for doing what they feel is right?

U: No. I mean society tells people it’s okay. But I believe God lets them know they are wrong.

I: So you believe they are, in a sense, choosing eternal damnation?

U: Of course they have a choice. God gives us all a choice to do right or wrong. These gays turn away from God when they choose to be gay.

I: You believe being gay is a choice?

U: God wouldn’t make someone in a way that they wouldn’t have a choice. God is loving and wants us to do right. He doesn’t want us to suffer and is sad when we choose a path that will lead to suffering. Gays choose the wrong path. I may sin, but I can choose not to engage in the same sin again and be forgiven. People who live gay lifestyles refuse to turn away from sin.

I: Would you agree it is more loving to trust a person than to assume he or she is lying?

U: That depends. God is a God of truth. Liars will know God’s judgement just as homosexuals will.

I: Would God want you to love a person for who he or she is or want you to attempt to change him or her to fit your idea of right and wrong?

U: They aren’t my ideas of right and wrong. They are right and wrong because God says so.

I: Are you saying right and wrong are only defined by God?

U: Right and wrong are absolute as a result of how God created the Universe.

I: So it is the Universe God created that sends a homosexual to an afterlife of eternal suffering?

U: No. It is the homosexual who sends him or herself to Hell. God gave us all freewill. We can choose to do good and be rewarded or choose to do evil and be punished.

I: But we can ask for forgiveness and go to Heaven?

U: Yes. but only if we stop sinning. We can’t ask for forgiveness and continue to engage in sin or our repentance is not sincere.

I: So it’s not the attraction to those of the same gender that is the issue. It’s the acting on said attraction.

U: They choose to be attracted to people of the same gender.

I: I can’t choose who I’m attracted to. Can you?

U: They open themselves up to the possibility. I could be attracted to women other than my wife, but I choose not to look at other women like that.

I: Could you be gay if you wanted to?

U: I wouldn’t. It is wrong.

I: But could you?

U: I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to engage in impure thoughts. Being gay is wrong and God knows our hearts.

I: What if women just felt wrong?

U: I would pray for God to provide a woman I liked.

I: And if she never came?

U: She would come. God would provide her.

Philosophical Experiment

(I hereby claim the statements enclosed in these parenthesis are infallible. They can never be altered. God is bigger and more powerful than any one religion’s depiction would lead some to believe. God and science are not in competition with each other because science is the study of God’s work. What some call magic others call science. God is in pleasure, but also pain. Pain is a gift from God and lets us know something is wrong. And the presence of either in any setting does not work as evidence against theories of a higher power. They are the products of God’s creation and therefore given to us by God. We, as a human race are perfectly flawed. We are not meant to be more or less. We are loved unconditionally and will not be punished for choices or mistakes we make in this world. We need not fight over various interpretations of our world. No one is right and no one is wrong. We need not fear each other. The pain we experience as a result of our fear is God’s message to us that something needs to change. Love and fear are opposing forces. LOVE IS THE ANSWER to any problem we face. If we are hungry, love can feed us. If we are tired, love will give us rest. If we suffer, love will cause the pain to cease.)

If you wish to blindly adhere to any group of words, try the words in the paragraph between the parenthesis above. The words between the parenthesis are not old. They do not say you are better than anyone else. They don’t tell you you will be punished if you don’t subscribe to ideas represented by them. But they may do better at leading the people of our planet than any religious doctrine in existence today. The only real flaw to be found between the parenthesis would seem to be the claim that they are flawless. These sentences were formed by a human and are, as any work created by a human, subject to flaw. The main difference in the words between the parenthesis and the Christian Bible is that the Christian Bible claims to be the product of divine inspiration. Shall I add that part now? One could argue a rational interpretation of the world which God created is inspired by God via the qualities of his/her/it’s creation and the analytical ability that forms this rational interpretation – the analytical ability, of course, being a product of God’s creation. Perhaps I should include a bit about the words between the parenthesis being the only source for the only correct faith, and another about eternal bliss for all who believe and eternal suffering for all who do not believe. That could inspire people to adhere. It could possibly inspire people to push their beliefs on others. And if someone tried to argue, all one would have to do is point to the first two sentences. This is not meant to mock or belittle any person’s beliefs. This is a wakeup call. God is love. In the same way God is science, God is love. In order to stop the pain, we must embrace this powerful tool which God has given us. We must choose love over fear.

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