God is Love is God

I awoke this evening after about 16 hours of sleep. This, of course, was not continuous sleep, but rather one longer span of sleep followed by several short stints of sleep. I awoke several times today and, in that state between sleeping and wakefulness, decided to turn over and go back to sleep. It wasn’t that I was tired, or even depressed. I felt this lingering connection to the world I had recently inhabited, a world of competitive watermelon burying and used condoms. The world may sound less than appealing now, but it was so real and completely mine. More than that, what was mine was ours. It was every bit mine because it was ours. I awoke several times with this resonating connection to everyone, to a higher power, understanding this power is within all of us. This connection was the force that continued to lull me back to sleep. so I slept most of the day. And what do I have to show for it? A strengthened determination to help others recognize this connection.

The understanding that we are all cut from the same cloth, the understanding that we are all connected, can be used as a force to bring peace to our world. Love can save us. But first we have to accept it. It has been said God is love. The question that would often seem to follow this claim is “Which god?”. Let’s try it a different way: Love is God. It is the same mathematical equation: God = Love (God is equal to love.), but it would seem to hold very different connotations. The first, God is love, would seem to commonly be used to express the idea that to know God is to know love. The second puts love first. To me, this makes more sense. Many have used ideas of God as means of justifying hate. But love is rarely used as means of justifying any kind of antithesis to God. If we put our often narrow ideas of God before love for each other, we have missed the point. If we put love before our often narrow ideas of God, we can create a world in which love is abundant, a world of which our very different ideas of God would be proud.


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