We Are One

As a result of this culture of competition to which our society has adhered, we may tend to find ourselves at odds with others in our society. In spite of my refusal to accept the notion that I should be in competition with others, I do still find my self at odds with others on occasion. I attempt to love every person I meet, but may feel a distance build when another’s actions cause me pain. It is not that I hold any ill will toward these people. It is only that their actions have caused me to feel guarded when the potential for future interaction occurs.

I know from experience that the ability to see another’s motivation as a result of empathy will inspire a tendency to behave in an accommodating way. This accommodation dismisses any fear as a result of my embracing of their actions. It becomes my understanding that we two hold vastly different perspectives and my efforts toward peace can only work toward a greater good. I have, on more than one occasion, attempted to apply this peace-seeking behavior to interactions with those close to me. Although dismissing another’s actions as justifiable to him or her would seem to work toward the greater good when it comes to interactions with those with whom intimate relationships are not maintained, the action of dismissing a significant other’s actions as simply justifiable to the person, in spite of the hurt they cause, does nothing to cause the hurtful behavior to cease.

The other day, I was walking to work when I felt this complete connection with everyone in my world. This was not my first experience of this feeling of connection. I felt that we were all one. I’ll take a moment here to diverge from the main line of focus in this post to discuss, for a moment, the meaning of the word “feel”. We tend to define feelings as somehow less concrete than knowledge. While knowledge is absolute, feelings are anything but. Now let me clarify – I felt with perfect understanding, clearer than any other knowledge I’ve held, that we are all one. I felt this connection with every person I know, but more importantly, with every person who has tended to engage in actions that cause me pain. In this instant there was no need for forgiveness because we were all driven by this same light.

Christianity speaks of the soul. Buddhism speaks of the Buda Nature. Whatever we call it, there is a divine part of all of us. When we see from that level, there is no need for competition. When we see from that level, there is no need for fear. If I fear the pain you may cause me, I am rejecting this very simple truth to which I’ve only been witness a few times in my life. I try to constantly be aware of this connection in spite of the fact that I know I will fail at times to do so. This truth is more powerful than anything that could ever cause distance and division. We are one. It is time we wake up and realize this. When we all see the world from this level, our desires to help others will rule our actions. We will do unto others as we would have others do unto us, because we will understand that we are one in the same.

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