I Heart Huckabee

Where does God stand on passive-aggressive behavior? I’ve yet to find anything in the Christian bible about this, so I guess it’s okay. It’s certainly not in the top 10. But do we really need the bible to tell us not to kill each other? It is my belief that morality comes from within. It comes from empathy. I’m sorry but I’m going to ask we use logic here a little bit. I know it is often easier just to say the bible says and this alleviates us of any obligation to use our minds. But, if you believe in a perfect creator, you must believe you were created with the ability to use logic and not blindly adhere to any doctrine, be it religious or other. When the bible is used to divide us, is it being used for God’s glory? In Mark 12:30-31of the New International Version (NIV) of the Christian bible, Jesus claims two commandments are to be held above all others. The second of these is to love each other.

In Mr. Huckabee’s recounting of his conversation with Neil Cavuto regarding God’s whereabouts during the Sandy Hook school shooting, he does not literally say God would have intervened if only those who wished to were allowed to pray in school. According to the article here (http://mediamatters.org/blog/2012/12/15/huckabee-tries-to-walk-back-comments-on-god-and/191868), Mr. Huckabee was implying that it is our Godless culture that leads to things like the Sandy Hook shooting. Does religion really inspire us not to kill each other?

Lowest estimate Highest estimate Event Location From To Religions involved Percentage of the world population
3,000,000 11,500,000[13] Thirty Years’ War Holy Roman Empire 1618 1648 Protestants and Catholics 0.5%–2.1%
2,000,000 4,000,000[14] French Wars of Religion France 1562 1598 Protestants and Catholics 0.4%–0.8%
1,000,000[15] 2,000,000 Second Sudanese Civil War Sudan 1983 2005 Islam and Christian 0.02%
1,000,000[16] 3,000,000[17] Crusades Holy Land, Europe 1095 1291 Islam and Christian 0.3%–2.3%
130,000[18] 250,000 Lebanese Civil War Lebanon 1975 1990 Sunni, Shiite and Christian

If Mr. Huckabee is simply calling for tolerance, he must understand that this is a two-way street. In the video linked above, Mr. Huckabee would seem to imply the means to a more peaceful world is to feature his ideas of the nature of the universe as profound truths. So we should pray to the Christian God in school and include the Christian God in public activities. As a largely christian society, this perspective is not easily dismissed. Would we be as hesitant to dismiss this perspective if he were of Islamic faith? What if he believed God is a flying spaghetti monster? The last of these might seem a little insulting. But what happens when we become the minority? Are we still going to stand by while the majority forces their perspective on us, on our kids?

The fact is, faith, by definition, lacks substantial, universally recognized evidence. Most proof when it comes to a higher power is anecdotal and personal. This why many of us would seem to disagree on the nature of God and/or the universe. We just don’t know. So, do we really want to live in a society where the majority’s perspective is forced onto the minority?

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