Orange Tick-tocks Rat the Brain

I’m breathing in the taste of something truly sweet
This raise in my rib-cage, it knocks me on my feet
Ready to exhale over all humanity
It’s not something I created; It just flows through me
I’m breaking prisons made from hundred dollar bills
That perfect vision of the love that surely kills
A fleeting whisper of the concept known as “me”
Whole hearts and bleeding wounds are ours in unity
And inside this old bone machine held together by meat
I can taste these lives are laced in something truly sweet

There’s no need to hold onto this fear
Come take, take, take, put it away now
Take, take, take, put it away
Love is not a brand to which we must adhere
Come take, take, take, put it away now
Take, take, take, put it away

Do we really want to earn eternal life from one who threatens us with eternal death?
It’s manipulation
It’s behavior modification
God is bigger than any one idea of him, her, or it
God is love
And love lives in all of us
No one has a monopoly on love
It is this believe that causes us to fear and kill each other
It’s time to wake up
It’s time to put away this competition as a result of fear
It’s time we recognize that we are one and start taking care of ourselves

A peace that passes understanding wants for nothing more
Orange tick-tocks, those ticking clocks are fabricated lore
Beginnings and endings are illusions of this skin
This mirage, a sabotage, a pathway to our pen
A maze created by rats, a cage forged from greed
Which hides this perfect splendor of a world absent of need
This connection opposition biting at our heel
Subtraction of distraction opens minds to find what’s real
An everlasting light which connects every living thing
Stronger, bigger, brighter than any president or king

There’s no need to hide behind this wall
Come take, take, take, put it away now
Take, take, take, put it away

Love and life lives within us all

Orange tick-tocks rat the brain

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