Johnny’s NB Capsule

Okay, I don’t really know what this is. It’s one part personal history, one part satire, one part alternate reality. More than anything, it’s just an experiment. If at any point you find yourself becoming offended, please return to the 2 sentences before this one. And here…we…go.
Johnny is an average 13 year-old boy. He likes music and spending time with his friends. Most importantly, Johnny’s Nancy Boy (NB) capsule is still completely in tact. But recently, Johnny’s body has been undergoing some changes. Johnny’s hormones cause him to feel out of control some days. He has recently started falling behind in school, not because he is incapable of doing well, but because he doesn’t see the point of it all. The more adults in Johnny’s life try to encourage him to try harder, the more he seems to pull away. Johnny feels alienated by adults in his life and finds comfort within the less judgmental ranks of his social group at school. Although Johnny’s peers seem quick to judge others, they are somewhat accepting of Johnny. In spite feelings of isolation and a nagging feeling that he doesn’t belong, Johnny feels most at home when in the company of some members of this social group.
One day after school, a friend of Johnny’s offers to share a marijuana cigarette. Although Johnny has been warned about the dangers of marijuana, he values the opinion of this friend more than that of adults in his life.Johnny smokes the marijuana cigarette with his friend and, for the first time in years, feels a connection, a belonging. Johnny feels instantly better about himself and his place within his social group at school.
The next day, Johnny’s father approaches him. He knows Johnny has smoked marijuana. As a result of his actions, Johnny will no longer be permitted to visit with friends after school. Johnny feels even more isolated and alienated. During school, Johnny attempts to supplement lost time with friends after school by skipping class to spend time with other members of his social group. Although these individuals seemed slow to accept Johnny before, they now seem eager to welcome him in. Johnny begins smoking marijuana every day.
After a few days, Johnny’s father approaches him again. This time, he is not calm. He knows Johnny has been skipping school. Johnny’s father yells and punches him in the face, cracking Johnny’s NB capsule. Tiny amounts of NB liquid drips from Johnny’s NB capsule onto his brain, causing him to engage in effeminate behaviors. Now a week-willed teenager, Johnny is quick to comply with his father’s expectations. But the abundance of testosterone in Johnny’s brain prevents such a small dose of NB liquid from causing any long-term effects.
Soon Johnny begins showing interest in females who belong to his social group. with this attraction comes the impulse to pull away from adults who encourage him not to engage in any sexual behavior. again the social group begins to feel more like home and Johnny soon looses his virginity to a female classmate.
Johnny’s father approaches him again. He knows Johnny has had sex. Johnny’s father yells and punches Johnny several times in the face. This trauma causes Johnny’s NB capsule to rupture. Johnny becomes incurably homosexual.

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