The Race

According to the 2011 article found at, 28 percent of Europeans surveyed sighted “Poverty, Hunger And Lack Of Drinking Water” as the world’s greatest problem. This 28 percent took first place on the list of problems, just after 20 percent for global warming. One may object to such findings, sighting the “problem” as 3 different problems. But one would be wrong. That’s not to say poverty, hunger, and lack of drinking water are one problem, either. They, like most of the “problem”s on this list, are symptoms of one problem. The illusion that competition is means to our happiness is the world’s greatest problem. We support a system of competition by continuing to compete. This competition has, in past years meant the strongest survived. This was good for our species. But now, issues like economic struggle and a lack of availability of energy threaten our well-being.

It would seem downright foolish for one person to not run the race when all others around him/her are sprinting toward the finish line. The only way for no one to loose is for no one to run the race. In a world where competition is means to survival, giving freely of one’s resources may quickly leave one with nothing. After all, why must the change begin with me when others have so much more to give? As Nelson Mandela, Lord Buddha, and Mahatma Gandhi said, no one person has ever changed the world…

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