The Choice

There is this sort of trick I use to pull myself out of any sadness. If I am feeling sad and want the sadness to cease, I just stop being sad. I know this may seem like pseudo-psychology. But it is one of truest things in my life. When I decide I want to be happy and then act on the desire, I become happy. The fact that I can choose to be happy gives me a sense of control, the understanding that the world around me cannot victimize me, because I am in control of how I react to it. When choosing to be happy, I feel this connection with everyone and everything. It’s like this network of love, of energy, and of God. It’s electric and simultaneously peaceful. Skeptics to such claims point to the fact that the pleasure centers of our brains determine emotional state as a result of the chemical present. But perspective can alter emotional states and perspectives are malleable. Serotonin and Dopamine light up the receptors in our brains when we have an experience we relate to happiness. And our experiences are based on our perspectives.

Just as my ability to choose happiness can inspire me to be happy, the sceptic may feel trapped by his or her inability to escape sadness. These are both self-fulfilling. It may be hard to believe happiness is a choice when one has struggled with sadness most of his or her life. Sadness has always acted like quicksand. The more we struggled, the more we sank into it. On the other side of it, if we claim responsibility, not guilt, but responsibility, for our emotional states and take control, we can feel however we want to feel.

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