Stream of Thought-08.09.16

I’m hesitant to speak from a perspective of absolute knowledge on any topic. It is my understanding that absolute knowledge regarding any aspect of existence is rather difficult to obtain. At the same time, I recognize that human interaction often involves speaking from this perspective in spite our ability to know things about our world. We tend to attempt to place absolute attributes on most things in our world in an effort to feel as though we have a greater understanding and, therefore, may more readily control these things. It is this desire to define the abstract, the uncertain, in absolutes that has inspired the various interpretations of aspects of our world.

Understanding now that personal history may define my perspective and that my personal history is constantly changing, I can only speak from a place of personal truth. To me, the following is absolutely true. This does not mean it is universally true or that contrary perspectives are inaccurate. All we know for certain is that energy exists. Our experience of our world is the product of energy. If our only understanding of our world is directly the result of our experience of it, then energy creates our world. It is my understanding that God is this energy. God creates our world and, simultaneously, is our world. God is that divine spark within us all and within every living thing. Various interpretations of the evidence may say God is one very specific thing or that God commands we live in a certain way. But these are attempts at defining the abstract in the 3 dimensions we best understand.

We can know God’s will by recognizing our own. Although we may harm each other, these actions are often the products of fear. Fear is couscous. Fear hoards resources for the self. Fear angers when one threatens it’s resources. But love behaves in just the opposite way. Love can save us from these human-made threats. Love’s energy expands, creating more resources, more energy, more love. Fear’s energy is limited. It constricts, eliminating the path, and killing the life. But both kinds are contagious. Fear enslaves us and inspires bad choices. When we attempt to see the world through eyes of love, our desires will only benefit humanity.

But even as we hurt each other and ourselves, we are behaving in accordance with our nature and, therefore, are perfectly flawed in our actions. We are exactly who we are supposed to be, because no other version of us has ever existed. Time is not a line, as we sometimes like to think. Every action we have or will engage in has already happened from a divine perspective. Without knowledge of what may come, we may still recognize the divinity in our actions and the actions of others. God is within us all and all around us.

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