T-shirt and Thong

T-shirt and Thong (Sorry. This post isn’t as sexy as it sounds.)

A friend of mine recently relayed to me the fact that she witnessed a neighbor of mine walking to her car with nothing more covering her body than a T-shirt and a thong. She seemed to want me to join her in condemning the act. I told her, I don’t see a problem in it if there was no victim. She suggested that a man could see the barley clothed woman and take out his urges on a child. I insisted that, because I had no reason to believe there was a victim, I would not condemn the act. Today, this friend brought up the issue again. This time the question was would it be alright with me if my daughter went out dressed in such a way. I had to think about it for a second. At first the answer was “No!”. Then, as my daughter got older in my mind, I thought it depended on her motivation. I give to others in an effort to be the change I want to see in the world. I know I might be left with nothing if I continue to give freely, but this risk is worth the cause. If my daughter were walking to her car wearing nothing but a T-shirt and a thong in an effort to desensitize, in an effort to express the perspective that her body was not just a sexual thing, I would be proud. But how I feel about it is none of business if my daughter is a grown woman, as this woman was. It would be her body to do with what she wished. WE NEED TO STOP APPLYING OUR VALUES TO OTHERS! They are ours and we have a right to them, just as everyone else has a right to their own. We can encourage, but must not judge. Judgement causes pain.

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