Brainless Parasite or Human

There has been so much noise over the issue of abortion in recent years. You’ll find links to two of the millions of videos on this subject currently hosted on Youtube below.
Pro-life video:
Pro-choice video:
The titles of these videos and the titles of movements regarding abortion tell us so much about the argument. Is it an issue of life or choice? The Pro-life side often argues that a fetus becomes a human at the moment of conception. A pro-life friend of mine recently expressed to me the opinion that a fetus is a human because it will eventually turn into us. I then juxtaposed this argument with the process of fertilization when it comes to spermatozoa. I said spermatozoa become us. But an average of 200 million to 500 million spermatozoa are released with every ejaculation and only one of them has the potential to survive. But we don’t consider masturbation mass genocide. The minister in the first video featured here would seem to base his argument on the idea that a fetus is a person at the moment of conception. But, if the fetus, as the pro-choice video suggests, does not exist as a human until it has been growing for 6 weeks, then abortion is certainly not the same as condemning a baby to death. And this is where we are at a stand still. If something is to become something else, is killing the something the same as killing the something else? This next analogy is for all of you Pokemon fans out there: Is killing a Bulbasaur the same as killing a Venusaur? What if the Bulbasaur were, by all scientific accounts, a parasite with no brain activity? The argument in the pro-choice video is fairly noisy. It discusses seperation of church and state and statistics regarding happy healthy babies born out of less-than desirable circumstances. Amongst the noise, the young man in the video asserts that a fetus is not a baby until there are signs of brain function. Who says brain function makes a human? We still consider patients who experience brain-death people.

I would suggest that consciousness makes a person. We may attribute human qualities to those human bodies which were once conscious, but have no potential to regain consciousness. But it is our ability to experience the world around us, even if it is our mother’s womb, that gives us the title of human. At the same time, if a fetus has no brain function, it is effectively a brainless parasite with no right to life. Can we all get behind this and stop arguing?

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