Bike on Water

There is so much crazy in our world, so much anger and so much distrust. And through a perspective of pure love, it can all seem so small. On my recent bike rides to and from work, I’ve witnessed a fair amount of anger over others’ actions, people passing judgement on others for blocking the crosswalk or for taking too long to make their turn. As a result of the endorphins caused by the activity and my efforts to remain positive, I feel nothing but love for these people who would seem to engage in selfish or at least thoughtless behavior. At the same time, I manage to feel love for these people who would seem angered by the others’ actions. I relish in the fact that we are all on this imperfect ride together. The imperfection makes the ride what it is, exactly what it is supposed to be. It is perfectly imperfect. I’ve experienced moments of this kind of perspective for many years, but I would seem to be getting better at staying with it, staying in the moment and experiencing the world through this perspective. I believe this unconditional love is how God sees us. From a perspective of love, these small pangs of daily life are insignificant and perfectly a part of who we are and who we are becoming. If we go against the flow of the river, we will catch a wound with every passing twig. If we go with the flow, the stream would seem to bury any imperfections in the water.

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