Life: The Realist Game You’ll Ever Play

Comedian, Bill Hicks used to close his sets with a monolog beginning with the claim that “The world is like a ride in an amusement park”. In a similar fashion, I conclude life is nothing more than a game. Many of us become super invested in the game and think it is all that matters; but more, that it is all that is. We experience pain and pleasure as a result of happenings within the game. Sometimes we draw the “Win the Lottery” card and think this will make us happy. More often, we draw the “Get Cancer” card and feel victimized by the world. But we must remember there is nothing to fear. We chose to play this game. Further, we choose how to receive and react to the happenings within the game. We can chose to treat these happenings with extreme seriousness, or we can have fun with and in spite of seemingly negative consequence. So laugh at yourself. Understand that you may not be winning now, but it’s not over. Know that the point in playing is to have fun.

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