Damn Right

I am invincible. I know such a claim sounds like that of a child or at least a mentally ill adult. While I can’t, with absolute certainty, deny that I am either, I can illustrate how such a claim may just be inherently rational. When we purchase a loaf of bread from the grocery store, is our intent to buy the bread or the bag in which the bread comes? What about a box of cereal? Then why is it that our physical bodies would seem to define us? What we are is not these containers. These aesthetically pleasing formations of atoms are only our vessels. What we are is the energy inside. Without this energy, this electricity inside our bodies, we would cease to be. Whether it is to be called a soul or simply adenosine triphosphate, this energy is everything to us. Our memories, our personalities, are products of this energy’s shaping of our brains. And we become so attached to these synapses, so attached to these avatars, that we come to believe they are us. But these bodies are not us. What is “us” is eternal; it never dies, but only changes form. The law of conservation of energy states that energy is never created or destroyed. While this body will inevitably wither and the memories and character traits I’ve formed throughout my life will cease to exist without the brain, what I am, what we are, will not die. It can’t. When these bodies cease to be, we will have nothing holding us in place, nothing confining us to this notion that we are divided, naturally apart. The “self” is an illusion; it is a product of this skin. But we are bigger than any one race. We are everything that creates life and makes life possible. We are everything we find beautiful about our world. We are all parts of this greater thing we may choose to call “God”. And damn right, we are invincible.


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