It’s fessional. Live life like a pro.
No confessional. We reap what we sew.
It’s logical. to make love grow.
What is a stomach full with nothing to show?

What is the value of human life? To place value on it, we must first define it. Human life is the energy within us that is never created and never destroyed. As there is no way to end this life, debates about the value of human life are often likely referring to the value of separation of this life into specific vessels of human bodies. When It comes to this life’s separation into human bodies, a couple aspects make the life unique. There is an age-old debate in the field of psychology over whether nature or nurture play a greater role in shaping the individual. If it is nature that gives value to the life, my life is, theoretically, no more valuable than my mother’s egg and my father’s sperm. If it is nurture that gives my life value, I gain value with every experience. This would mean that a child’s life holds far less value than an elderly person’s life. But this measurement failed to take into account the potential for a life on Earth. It’s not only the experience of the human, but our experience of the human that would seem to give their life value. This is surely why we may feel justified in removing the life from a vessel that has committed acts we find detrimental to the existence of the human race. But what of the life of a fetus? Using the experience metric, we may conclude this life, or rather this separation of life, is virtually worthless. And still, we develop emotional ties to the potential of this life. As potential parents, we have reason to suspect the vessel will take on characteristics of it’s mother and father. This “nature” value is more subjective. As separations of life have held great potential and resulted in our pre mature ending and others have held little potential and gone on to prove to be rather valuable, there would seem to be no definitive way to determine the future value of an existing human life. Therefore, a goal in the effort to make life better for people of our planet should not be the maintenance of human life at all costs, but rather, the betterment of all life at all costs.

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