Catch and Release

M, A, and I sat on the dock at my grandmother’s house. I had spent a large part of childhood fishing off this doc. I told them the story of how I once caught two fish on one hook. I explained that I had caught a bluegill on a worm and then caught a bass when it ate the bluegill. M seemed impressed. But A reacted with disbelief: “That’s impossible!¬† You made that up!” I insisted I had not. A shook her head with anger in her eyes. Just then, a shadow fell over the three of us. I looked up at the cloud looming overhead and said, “I’m so tired of being added to womens’ lists of exes”. A reacted with anger: It was my fault I was alone. M reacted with empathy: “You will meet the right woman.”
“Every relationship, but possibly one will end like this. I don’t know that it’s worth the heartache. I don’t know that I can continue to try. It’ll be worth it if I find her. If I don’t, I’m volunteering for unnecessary pain.” M insisted, “You will meet her.” A interjected, “You are never going to meet someone who is happy all the time!” I looked away from the cloud toward A. Dodging my eye contact, A looked up: “What the fuck is that?!” M and I quickly looked up. “What?”, I asked. The a high pitched whistle grew louder. M screamed. A huge mass came barreling through the clouds. A loud crash. Water in my face. Then nothing.

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