Street Lit Writing Prompt 02/03/18 (Fiction)

I learned today that there is a warrant out for my arrest. Of course I did stupid things in high school, but I honestly didn’t know of what crime I was accused. I hadn’t thought about it since I was 20. I was visiting my parents in Boerne, TX and was detained by local police while they searched my vehicle. They said I had a pending felony warrant out of Austin and were waiting on confirmation. After accusing me of huffing the touch-up paint for my car and detaining me for 2 hours, they let me go on my way. This morning, a friend sent me link to an online warrant registry. There is was: Phil Force – Wanted on felony obstruction of justice in Austin, TX. On Monday, 02/05/18, I will enter the police station at 715 E 8th St and identify myself to the clerk. From there, who knows what will become of me. If prison is the destination, I don’t know I will allow my body to arrive as scheduled. My purpose here is to help others. When I find myself taking more than I am giving, it is time to end my stay on this planet.

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