Dream 01.08.18

In hotel breakfast area when I spot a piece of scrap paper on the buffet table in front of me. The paper bears my handwriting. I review the paper with puzzlement then pull out my phone with the aim of documenting this. I hold up my phone; the camera is zoomed way in and the lens is pointed to a space just above the scrap of paper. I move the camera down to find the paper is covered by some other hand-held electronic device. I pull the camera aside and move this new electronic device down. The paper is not the one I saw moments before. This paper is one I’ve kept in my wallet. It has contact info: addresses and phone numbers of loved ones. Frantically, I review the page in an attempt to find the writing I’d seen moments before. I turn the page over to find nothing. Now there are several blank scraps of paper. I dig through them. Now some of them are bills of currency: tens and twenties. The bills are rolled up and stuffed into a cassette-tape case…
I awake breathing quick, shallow breaths.

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