Street Lit Writing Prompt 04.28.18 – Holding Hands

It will be means to everything else. If I just gain the courage to reach out and grab her hand. Everything is in this one feat of courage. And if she pulls, away, I will not have lost anything other than everything we could’ve been. And if she holds my hand back, I will feel it all, love, life, sex, children, pain, and insurmountable joy. Not all held hands are sexy – there is the hand of my best friend, which sometimes holds mine as means of connection. Not all sex starts with heald hands – even though, sometimes, in hind-sight, I wish it did. Sometimes these sensations of life-altering love are illutions, chemicals in the brain initiated by a sweaty palm’s recognition of another. But, and I know this only as rumor, but sometimes, these sensations, these visions of a life to be, are symptomatic of everything to come. And yeah, it’s absolutely worth the risk. So I take a breath, say a prayer, and reach blindly out toward you…

Street Lit Writing Prompts 04.28.18


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