Speaking Human

I know I don’t speak human very well. I’m kind of goofy, whether I try to be or not. I learned from a young age to steer into the skid. People find me peculiar, so why not pretend like I’m intentionally peculiar? Why not be peculiar intentionally? I make jokes because I want people to be happy and because people tend to not take me seriously anyway. It is easier to pretend I’m joking than to try to defend a thoughtless comment. I tend to live with my head in the clouds. This has led to some alienation throughout my life. I felt like an outcast throughout most of my childhood. As much as I’ve grown, as much as I’ve learned to love myself, those memories are always just below the surface. On occasion, a new friend will take my presented confidence combined with my joking as an attempt to cause offense, to get a rise out of them. I don’t aim to cause offense. I aim to inspire happiness and spread love. I’ve gotten better at speaking human, but still tend to insight undesired responses. If you happen to encounter me throughout the day, please understand that I love you and want you to be happy.

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