Response to James Fowler’s Stages of Faith

According to James Fowler’s Stages of Faith, the 5th stage of faith rejects logic and the 6th may be measured by the absense of worry in one’s life. (

But, the way I understand it, logic is of God. To better understand the world is to better understand God. While there may be, and certainly will be, limits to my understanding of the world, the recognition of this truth does not dismiss the pursuit of knowledge. Contrarily, it invites a greater pursuit of knowledge. Secondly, to have no concerns is irrational. We are humans, bound by human experience. Although our pursuits may shift toward intangible aspects of life, as humans, our experience of this world is limited by these human bodies. As humans, we experience pain and pleasure as a result of the nerve endings in our bodies and chemicals in our brains. As pain is a naturally undesirable aspect of human life, pain avoidance is a natural part of human motivation. It is only natural that we plan ways to avoid pain. Enlightenment does not require that one be worry-free, but rather that one does not let his/her worries consume him/her. What will be will be perfectly as it will be. We may still concern ourselves with the state of the future. In fact, it may be truly selfless to concern ourselves with the state of the future even if this future only directly affects us. We can only care for others when we take care of ourselves. While no issue in our reality may create need for concern or worry, the desire to help others may create a space for worry to grow. This life is not mine. It is ours. I commit myself to helping my brothers and sister, to helping them because they are a part of the most divine that is in me. In order to help my brothers and sisters, I aim to care for myself. This means I will worry, but only as far as this worry may benefit my purpose in this reality.

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