Planet of Phils

There was once a male human who went by the name of Phil. He had been on the planet Earth for 33 years and had mostly European ancestry. Of course these characteristics were anything but remarkable as every other person on planet Earth was a 33 year old male human who went by the name of Phil and had mostly European ancestry. Phil ached for something he could not define. And even though all Phils loved each other, or maybe because they did, they all ached for this missing piece of life, this thing like love. Phil knew this thing like love was closely tied with another thing, a physical act he called sex. Phil knew he was not sexually attracted to the other Phil’s, but could not fathom how something or someone sexually attractive to him would look. Every day was exactly as the day before. Every moment was the same as the moment before. The Earth was a completely smooth sphere. There was no East and no West. There was no North or South. There was no beginning and no end. And because difference held the potential for division, everything was exactly the same. But the Phils knew difference was also means to beauty. The Phils were brave and, one day the Phils rebelled against normality in an effort to create this thing they felt was missing. Some Phils shaved thier heads. Others grew their hair very long. Some of the long-haired Phils dyed their hair odd colors. Then Phils began dying their clothes. Their where Phils who wore blue and Phils who wore pink. There were other Phils who wore green and still others who wore grey. Some decided to spend their days in the sun, while others spent their days in the shade. Then Phils began changing their names. Some went by Frank and others by Sara, and still others went by Rasheed and others by Serin. They became male and female. They discovered sexual attraction and then sex. They became heterosexual and homosexual. Soon, new generations were born. They had forgotten that they were once all Phils and they fought over their differences. But, as a result of these differences, or maybe in spite of them, the planet Earth was, for the first time, truly beautiful.


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