An Interaction With Insanity

We each told you we were God. Witnessing us as individuals, you concluded only one, if any of us, could be right. So you gave us chemicals you called “medicine”. And we learned to deny the very real experience of being God. Of course, what you failed to see was that we were all God, the one in plural forms. We weren’t claiming divinity over you, but rather inviting you to experience the divinity within yourselves. How do we describe color to a person who has never experienced it? We use terms that describe feelings the colors invoke. We look to the physical world to point out representations of these colors. How do we explain the very real experience of being God? It is in us and all around us. It is in you and in me. We have never known what it was to not be a part of God and can’t imagine what it would be to not be. But we know how our holding this piece of knowledge to be absolute fact troubles you. You have grown so accustomed to your skin, to this illusion of division. You compete with each other, never understanding you are only taking from yourself. You, so certain of your grasp on reality only because you are too afraid to consider that the nature of reality is beyond your comprehension. And you will call it Shizophrenia because your reality is different from mine. But I may argue that you are insain as you repeat the same actions, fighting, killing, dying for your beliefs, and expect different results.


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