Race by Gender Voting Chart

We need to decide if the color of our skin matters. I was taught from a young age that the color of a person’s skin is largely irrelevant. Certainly, in a society when the color of a person’s skin may have great influence on their ability to gain wealth, we may see a correlation between more important issues and skin color. But it would seem counterproductive to classify people’s perspectives on these bigger issues by division of skin color. We know that eating ice cream doesn’t lead to murders just as we should know that color of skin does not determine for whom we vote.

What benefit does the above chart provide? It would seem to show a great division in our society. Where we find division, we can insert efforts to unite. So the above chart may prove extremely useful in helping us better understand where to begin in our efforts to unite. But the post on which I found this chart would seem to aim to use it as means of condemnation:

Wvite women still whvte women-ing. Always upholding white supremacy to keep their privilege. I don’t want to see whvte women marching in pussy hats in January. Y’all are more worried about putting stickers on RACIST Susan B Anthony’s grave than collecting your fellow yt women. It’s been two years. What have y’all been doing other than performative activism photo ops? Goodbye.”

First off, the author of this post is lumping all “white” women together: “I don’t want to see whvte women marching in pussy hats in January.” But what about the 39% who voted for Beto? It would seem to be the author’s assertion that “white” women should be working to convert other white women. But why does this responsibility fall more on “white” women than it does on any other classification of person on this chart? When we see the color of our skin as the arbitrary division I believe it to be, we may see this chart as a symptom of a deeper problem in our society.

That $50,000 annual income marker that divides people who voted for Obama and people who voted for McCain falls almost exactly between the division of annual income between Latino and “white” people. As Democrats traditionally work to spread the wealth and provide social services for those in need and Republicans traditionally work to keep taxes low, it is easy to see how a person’s income may affect their political affiliation. The color of our skin doesn’t matter. The only color that matters is green. Pointing fingers only works to create division. We are not each other’s enemies. We’ve just been tricked into believing we are. There is no scarcity of resources except the one which has been made:

When we, the blue and the green on this chart, divide against other blue and green as a result of an arbitrary classification like skin color, we enable that 1% to maintain their power. This country is not a Democratic-Republic. It is an Oligarchy. How we vote doesn’t have a huge effect on our world as long as money plays the part it is playing in our political system.


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