Yawning Stretching Waking Me

I’m alive
I scream into the sky
I’m alive
The night fills me with fire
I’m a light
No longer laying down
I’m a light
I’ve come to inspire
I am life
Of many hold the torch
I am life
Together voices choir
I am fire
This gift within I see
I am fire
Keeper of this empire
Remove the tape
I’ll not be bound
Flying again
I’ve left the ground
Brothers and sisters see my light
There will be no sleep tonight
We are awake
We are a wander
We will not again go under
This song in our hearts resounds
A peace that simply profounds
We took a nap
Where did we go?
Remembering what we all know
This gift of life
This gift of peace
This pain inside I now release
Perfectly as we are to be
Never forgetting we are free
A life
A love
A heart
I see

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