God and Chocolate

God is like chocolate. And your religion is like your favorite candy bar. Some of us like nuts in our candy bars. Some of us like caramel. Some of us like peanut butter. Some of us like nougat. I don’t know what nougat is, but I’ve been told some people like it in their candy. These ingredients don’t make the chocolate any less real. They may dilute our experience of it. But it is chocolate all the same. Occasionally, or rather, quite frequently, the nuts or the caramel suggest the other would poison the chocolate. And, because our experience of the chocolate is so profound, we tend to believe our chocolate delivery system, our religion, is the only correct one. People die and kill for our beliefs. But this division is not of God. This division is created by humans. We are all parts of the same higher power no matter the name we choose to give him, her, it, or them. We must stop this division. One thing we can all agree on – those who like PayDay bars know nothing about God!