The Perfect Creator

The perfect creator doesn’t rely on magic to correct the condition of their creation. There is no course correction. To quote the Beatles, “There’s no where you can be that isn’t where you were meant to be.” When we think of a creator, we tend to apply human characteristics, often envisioning “him” using “his” hands to give us form. One popular interpretation of the book of Genesis in the Christian Bible paints the creation of humankind as an act of God sculpting humans from “dust of the ground “. When envisioning the creation of humankind, I like to envision water sculpting rock over millenia. It is according to natural laws of our universe that the creator creates, not because the creator is bound by these laws, rather because they are the tools of the creator. But more than that, they are the creator. The creator doesn’t make the impossible possible. The creator makes the possible possible. The creator is not magic. Magic is the term we use to describe that which we cannot understand. But we must recognize the fact that we don’t understand the natural cause of these events, does not mean there is no rational explanation. We must not rely on explanation we have found to be illogical as means to describing that which we do not yet understand. Blind faith is an enemy of progress. It has been said humans used to attribute things like weather to spirits. We now attribute changes in the weather to the changing seasons and varying air pressure. These are all parts of the natural world. The creator does not want us to deprive ourselves the pleasures of this life in the pursuit of pleasures after. The pleasures we experience in this life are gifts, parts of the world we were given, and even the creator him/her/itself. The creator has no need for desire. Desire is a part of being sentient in this reality. Desire is a product of the balance between pain and pleasure. This balance inspires us to regulate our own and others’ actions. This is what inspires moral judgement. The creator is beyond the need for judgement. There is no need to fear “his” wrath. Everything is perfectly as it is. It could be no other way. There is no going against “God’s” plan. We and everything around us are parts of “God”.