I Am I Am

Today I am a marble in a big blue pool.
I am perfectly me. I am perfectly you.
I am perfectly we as we sing together.
I am perfectly always and simply forever.
I am I am
I am I am
Muscle and bone are not my own.
They are just a body that I call home.
And we are lovers. We love together.
We are perfectly always and simply forever.
We are I am
I am I am
In a world blinded by greed and division.
We are exactly where we need to be.
Pain insulated by the television.
They don’t see the power in we.
They are I am
We are I am
I am I am
Today I am a marble in a big blue pool.
I am perfectly me. I am perfectly you.
I am perfectly we as we sing together.
I am perfectly always and simply forever.
I am I am


A Nap After the War

She fits like a missing word in an ancient acronym
We always knew what she looked like, but never understood her beauty
And now that we’ve found her, now that her part is perfectly seen
We were teenagers together and we compare scars
The war is behind us, the machine is dead
Battle wounds that took up residence in our noses are replaced with nectar
The memory of this pain only makes the present taste that much sweeter
Neck tar nectar red bird feather smoke of never we slumber together
Milk on wounds
Familiar dream
Mother of my child
We sleep
The hours of ours
We’ve all the time in the world
Holding her bare form next to mine
Even this is not close enough
Awake for the first time
We revel in our sleep
Eyes open for the first time
We share this warm bed

Bigger Than These Bodies

I found this light inside of me
I want to share it with you
You can’t see it if you wont believe
I hope you can feel it too
My empathy has made me blind
Made me forget how to shine
But look inside and I think you’ll find
We are bigger than these bodies
Following a line of zombies
Looking for brains all around
I lost it for a little while
It was waiting inside to be found
My empathy believed this lie
Made me forget how to stay high
I now remember how to fly
We are bigger than these bodies
I wanted to meet you where you were, because you refused to come up to me. Because you believe there was nothing there. But baby, I’m back on top; And I can see for miles.

Electric Stone

Salt to the earth
Salt of the earth
Salt, by earth
And love
You man
Bleeding life
Seeds into the air
Flowers everywhere
Pieces of peace
And we ease
These eager chessnuts
Pawns and kings
So much potential
Flesh and bone
As old as stone
But we are I are me
Shadow of what we could be
Open your eyes and sing
Open your eyes and breath life into the sky
A bang sends the herd over a cliff
And we will perfectly fall
And perfectly choose
And perfectly refuse
Welcome pain
Welcome milk
And love
Absolute contrarianism
Perfectly as one
And the flock turns in unity
To the sky
The mind’s eye
Older and more powerful than new eyes can see
Electric stone
Claim it as us
Claim it as our own
No fear
Sidways we see
Perfect pain
Perfect love
Perfect us
Perfect we
Perfect I
Perfect me

Brain Cell Manic / With Without

Christmas bells are ringing
Cold open eyes singing
Brain cell panic
Float on manic
Shopping mall
Painted hall
Keep peace now
Traded somehow
Love you
1 2
Need no pain
Telephone brain
Stranger hands
Life demands
Bouncing off doors
When we started for
Oh whale
Itchy brain
Static rain
Acid love
Condom – glove
Roof of mouth
Running South
Do with without
Talk about
One peace
Numb teeth
Red wreath
Scurry in
Begin again
What matters now
Forget somehow
Bleed alone
Call it home
Ant hill
Bank fill
Master Fin
Begin again
Christmas bells are ringing

Grand Oligarchy Dream

I dreamed we had them on their knees

The grand oligarchy flees

And they said “Wait! Look at out skin -“

“Our Y chromosomes – the fact that we like women.”

And we were divided again

Naming them “white” heterosexual men

And parts of the horse twitch on their own

We could unite, but we’d rather throw stones

Now this magic is so damn real

It can define how I think should feel

Guilt for a history of which I had no part

Current lines of inequality weight heavy on this heart

I keep trying to be the change – and there my shame is showing

Lines like “All white people are the problem.” keep echoing

If there is one lesson that could untie this nation

It is that correlation isn’t equal to causation

A Boy and His Dog

A boy stands with his dog by his side, facing a busy sidewalk, holding a sign that says “Hear my dog talk for $1”. A man walks up and drops a dollar in the jar on the ground in front of the boy and says, “Let’s hear it”. Excitedly, the boy looks to his dog and says, “Sparky, how does sandpaper feel?” The dog goes, “Rough!” Amused by the display, the man smiles and carries on down the sidewalk. A second man walks up and drops a dollar in the jar. Again the boy looks to his dog and asks, “Sparky, how does sandpaper feel?” The dog goes, “Rough!” Apparently irritated by this, the man says, “Kid, you need to stop this.” The boy and his dog watch confused as the man continues down the sidewalk. A third man walks up and drops a dollar in the jar. Excitedly, the boy looks down at his dog and says, “Sparky, how does sandpaper feel?” The dog goes, “Rough!” The man says, “This is a scam, kid. You’re never going to learn to stop taking advantage of people unless I take my dollar back.” He reaches into the jar, pulls out a dollar, and continues down the street. Confused, the boy and his dog watch as the man walks by. After the man is out of sight, the boy looks down at his dog and says, “I wonder what that was about.” The dog replies, “I know. That wasn’t even his dollar.”

A Daily Commitment to Remain Loyal to the State

I was brought up in a government institution in which I was made to make a daily commitment, an audible promise to remain loyal to the state in which I was raised. Every morning, before engaging in the learning exercises mandated by this organization, we loudly announced our devotion to a symbol of those who required us to attend this institution. We didn’t think much of it. The words were so well rehearsed, we rarely gave consideration to what the utterances meant. We, the children of this state, the future, knew this little speech so well, it was so engrained in us, I feel comfortable in my assumption that most of us would have little problem reciting it word for word today. According to Wikipedia, physiologist Kathleen Taylor cites repetition as “an integral part of brainwashing techniques”. She says this is so “because connections between neurons become stronger when exposed to incoming signals of frequency and intensity.” It would seem as though I and anyone else who grew up saying the Pledge of Allegiance were being conditioned daily.

When we look at the actual words in this pledge, would we agree to the message behind them? “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” I found myself chuckling with regret in the irony of the word “indivisible” in the line above. We are divided now more than I can remember. And many in our government aid in this division. This two-party system has us condemning those who do not see the world the way we do. With the near 23,000,000 people in prisons in the United States (https://www.prisonpolicy.org/reports/pie2018.html), liberty is certainly not an inalienable right in this country. And justice? I suppose it is obtainable if you can afford it. According the the Pew Religious Landscape survey of 2014, almost 23% of people in the United States were “religiously unaffiliated” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irreligion_in_the_United_States). So let’s try it without the phrases and words that may have become obsolete: “There’s a flag that represents the country known as United States of America.” It kind of looses its luster doesn’t it?

We may see that “The Pledge” doesn’t represent us as a country. We may also see how reciting it every morning may be means to conditioning. So why is reciting “The Pledge” still practiced in schools all around our country?

The Snail

“Commissioner Jordash, it’s the Sphincter on the line. He says he has kidnapped your wife.”
“Light the Snail signal!”
At Snail headquarters:
“The Snail, it’s the Snail signal!”
“Damn the Snail, you should really quit smoking.”
“I… told… you… grass…hopper… It’s… just… Snail… There… is… no… need… to… say… ‘the’… every… time.”
At Police headquarters:
“Commissioner, we have defeated the Sphincter and saved your wife.”
“Okay, we can turn off the Snail signal.”
At Snail headquarters:
“Come… on… Grass…hopper… let’s…” (The Snail signal disappears from the sky) “Never… mind”