Dream 07/22/17

He prays to all of the gods, naming each one between mechanical ripping noises, like tape being pulled off of itself: “…rip rip Yahweh, rip rip God” Inside his head, the demons require us to help him name them “…rip rip Orion, rip rip O’Bryon,” Then the task comes to me “…rip rip… Steve…”

Miss Take

Anyone who bothers to look up may see a storm is coming
The river runs low and mother aches to give rain
Bucket by bucket collapse the river’s shape
Violent gushes blur the lines, making mud of a canyon
This place where we used to find drink
This space that threatened to spill our blood
Paint spills into the streets
Entitlement vs need
When disease isn’t pretty
The walking dead cry more
We know
Walls shake
We know
Hands ache
We know
Brother, Mother, Lover, Other
We pray we won’t miss take
Hold tight
A single boat on the river capsizes
Tread lightly
In mother we trust

You Know What’s Gay?

Do you guys know what is so gay?
Loving people unconditionally.
That is just so gay.
You know what else?
Trying to be the change we want to see in our world.
That is about the gayest thing ever.
You know what else is super gay?
Recognizing that words only have the power we give them and attempting to give new power to words traditionally used to express perspectives of hate.
I mean that is just super gay.

Id E O C

We smile at each other with excitement. We’ve gotten the signal. It is time to run.

Screaming gibberish, bouncing off walls, pulling posters off the walls and throwing them into the air.

Just run. Smile and run.

I’m not gonna cry. We’re part of the sky.

Hunger pangs

We are gods


Holy fodder

Grandeur E

Id E O C