And This is What Happens When I Repress the Writing Force in Me as Means to Being An Adult

I want to curl up next to it
Feel it breath, tenderly
Machine gun
Holy light grenade
Blue sky
Electric veins
And it’s shiny and bright
Not so alone tonight
Mother cries
Baby weeping softly
And we are not alone
We are not alone
Breaking glass
Because we are so alive
It tingles like rain
Flowing through me
Flowing to you
Empty and full
Rage and quiet
In my place
Broken legs
Holding on
Fist calm
Breathing serendipity
Eat, drink, sleep, repeat
And the chaos is validity
Stupid perfection
Stumbling with grace
We are not alone
We are not alone
The beasts
And the bullets
And the fear
And the tears
All perfect necessity
All life in front of me
All creation and sustenance
Perfectly ill
Perfectly well
Of ourselves
We are the
We are, I am, you are

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