Some Thoughts on the Pursuit of Sleep

Sleep requires one to leave this reality. This is why echoes of this reality keep us awake. In order to more easily fall asleep, push away remnants of this reality and embrace the dream world. Often, thoughts of our obligations in this world will keep us awake. It is often not the actual stress that keeps us awake, but rather the fact that obligation inspires action and to be ready for action keeps us in a state of connection. Even a mindfulness of our physical surroundings can be detrimental to sleep. Our minds analyze surroundings and prepare to engage with them. But when we let go of our physical surroundings and of happenings in this reality, our brains will fill the space with dream. It may be helpful to embrace the abstract space of your mind. Let your mind create new sights and sounds. Play in this free creative space and go with whatever whim comes to mind. Do not try to control the space, but rather, let your consciousness be a part of it.

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