Eyes of God

Borrowing the eyes of God to see you are fucking beautiful
Interactive art and you don’t even know it
Laughing at our own stupidity
This illusion of separation
Atoms hurriedly bumping against each other
Hungry animals with divinity inside
Busy ants, we are one
Even as we struggle, all is as it should be


Your brain is the artist
Your body, the paint brush
Every stroke you make adds to the work of art we will call “You”
Other artists will have ideas about how to best make you
But, in the end, you are creating this masterpiece
And it is a masterpiece
Make art that is personality beautiful, even if no one else will appreciate it
It is up to you whether to focus on your mistakes, spreading them all over the canvas, or to recognize the beauty in imperfection and let them be
Don’t spend too much time looking at others’ works of art
This is not a competition
And many of them don’t even know they are in the studio
Have fun
Enjoy engaging in this act of creation
Take pride in every choice of color and stroke of your brush
Explore the canvas
This was never about following rules


Chasing happy chemicals
A sentimental trinket
Release them into my blood
Searching for another hit
I am not alone only
Swimming in loving waters
How the hell’d it go so well
Wearing scars of our fathers
Inevitable new life
Rooting around for comfort
Dirty mammals in this skin
Who knew how this life would hurt
We’re on our knees in prayer
For the power to save us
Now completely unaware
This was power they gave us
Inject this gift in my lungs
Nurturing new synapses
Liquid pain inside these walls
Until this world collapses
We make it and we break it
Sending warmth to our fingers
We are painting in color
Even as shadow lingers